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US-Bahamas-Caribbean Effort Takes Pet Food Education to Regional Classrooms

With more than half of all American households including a pet and that number believed to be even higher in parts of the Caribbean, Washington-based Pet Food Institute (PFI) is stepping up efforts to educate pet owners about the importance of proper pet nutrition. This week, that PFI campaign took Bahamian Sandra Kemp nearly 1500 miles to Scarborough, Tobago to meet with students, veterinarians, animal protection organizations, government officials and media.

The reception was amazing, said Kemp, representing the PFI. The 6-8-year-olds at Michael K. Hall Community School in Carnee, Tobago, who played the Not Safe! game identifying which foods were unsafe for pets left knowing they should never give their dogs bones again, nor feed them grapes, raisins, chocolate or onions...

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