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Terneille Burrows: Walkabout Wars

Last nights incident surrounding a clash between FNM and PLP street campaign teams creates cause for concern. The Bahamas has historically held relatively peaceful elections and I would like it to remain that way. People can get heated about politics and the upcoming general election may be cause for contention between those vying for office. Party and candidate supporters need to observe basic principles of decency. Mob mentality is real, and parties with gangs of people on the campaign trail can feel emboldened while promoting their particular brand. A certain level of sports-like trash talk is acceptable, but abusive language can cause the situation to escalate to physical violence. Bullying, intimidation, threats, restriction of movement and physical altercations cannot be tolerated, and should be publicly condemned by the respective party of the offenders. Internal party penalties or fines should be levied upon proven perpetrators for less volatile offenses and the justice system should intervene in more serious cases...

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