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Tambourine Army disappointed over the arrest of co-founder, Latoya Nugent

"The Tambourine Army is disappointed at the arrest and charge of one of our co-founders Latoya Nugent. We witnessed with horror and trepidation the Jamaican state exert intimidation in the process of the arrest of Latoya Nugent. We urge state actors to remember specifically that according to sections of the Jamaicas Constitution, Chapter 3: Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms, each citizen has (h) the right to equitable and humane treatment by any public authority in the exercise of any function; and (j) the right to protection from search of the person and property.

"We find the charges to be a clear attempt on the part of the State to silence a human rights advocate who has dedicated her efforts to fighting for the rights of the Jamaican girl child and the survival of the Jamaican woman..."

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