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EARTHCARE Eco Kids learn about sustainable fisheries

Gail Woon,Founder and Director of EARTHCARE and a Director of Save The Bays, On April8th, 2017, the topic for the EARTHCARE Eco Kids was Sustainable Fisheries. David Rose, veteran commercialfisherman of 40+ years addressed the EARTHCARE Eco Kids at the Kevin TomlinsonAcademy.

David spokeabout overfishing the Little Bahama Bank, the use of National Parks andenforcement, limiting the lobster season, protecting large lobster of 5 lbs+ asbreeders and more.

According to Rose,Over the last 50 years, fishing on the Little Bahama Bank has increased andwith the addition of new technologies e.g. Global Positioning Systems (GPS),underwater breathing apparatus, and the unfettered use of man-made lobsterhabitats/shelters...

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